Lost Time (2014)

Director: lost-time-poster-2

Christian Sesma 


Kenneth Owens 
Christian Sesma 


Rochelle Vallese – Valerie Dreyfuss
Luke Goss – Carter
Robert Davie – Dr Xavier Reed
Derek Mears – Mr. Elliot
Lin Shaye – Mysterious Woman
Jenni Blong – Melissa Dreyfuss
Vyto Ruginis – Mr. Coffey
Chelsea Ricketts – Eva Sterling
Maria Olsen – Nurse Mary
Tonya Cornelisse – Gillian
Jennifer Cortese – Gale 
Todd Cattell – Rico

Recently I have been working on a list of 5 films I’m excited to see between now and Halloween and this is one of them. I don’t seem to watch that many alien abduction films, they normally aren’t something that I go out of my way to watch but when I saw the trailer I felt like this was a movie that I needed to make an exception for.

We have two sisters as the focal point of the story. Valerie is struggling to survive cancer one to find out she has the worst prognosis she could have asked for and her sister taking care of her. The two actresses do have a slight resemblance to each other and they seem to work well on camera together as well because they come off as a broken family would. Anyways on the way back from the doctors we get a scene that makes it pretty clear that her sister Melissa was abducted and all the cancer was removed. As much as I am not the biggest fan on abduction films this does become rather compelling, the struggle for her to deal with the fact that she is now cancer free but lost her sister is something that can clearly been seen.

The plot has some twists and turns, some are very predictable but still rather enjoyable. Of course she ends up in a place where the viewer’s first response is “What the heck are you doing?!” and with people who have are dealing with some of the same things she is. Unlike her though they all seem to be having side effects from their encounter that are all negative while she is the only positive one.

Rochelle Vallese as Valerie is a very interesting casting choice. I can’t say I know her work all that well but her look is perfect for the film. I say that because the type of facial structure needed to pull of the makeup and I was having a very difficult time trying to figure out just how old she is, thankfully she isn’t just this 18 year old cut out that is easily forgotten. The one thing that I do not like about her is her scream, it is just not the greatest. There is one scene at the end where she is definitely a little too melodramatic to the point where it isn’t good at all. Her love interest is played by Luke Gross, he comes off as this very caring but intense character. He feels like someone that could be depended on in a pinch. We also get Rabert Davi (who always puts on a good performance) and Derek Mears is intimidating as hell.

The make up in this movie is great. There is really only a few times where I could look at something and see that it was makeup. The way that made Valerie look for the cancer was very hard to look at because she did look like she was wasting away. There is some weird stuff though, when she had cancer she had a light stubble on her head (she was bald from chemo even though I’m sure this is not how it works) and one of the later scenes it looks like she is wearing a bald cap. It was a convincing bald cap but it looked off to someone who is used to seeing prosthetic makeup. The blood gags in this movie are really well done, some of the best I have seen in an indy film. There is a few instances of CGI and they look better than some of the other independent but not something that I would say is amazing.

The first kill in the movie was rather confusing, I wasn’t sure what he heck was going on but once things got rolling I kind of figured it out. If there is a weak section to the movie this is it by far. The only parts of the kills that seemed like they were actually satisfying is when the blood gags come in because they look great. The rest is just so lack luster… one actually bangs her head into the wall and kills herself.

A quick blurb about the end of the film, I felt like it was just a bit weak. I wish that they had done a better job with it and tried to clear the whole think up a bit better.

I would say that is a very enjoyable movie, I know that there are some weak spots but if you are willing to overlook some of this than you have an enjoyable film on your hands. I wish that this movie would have gotten some more attention from the horror community but then again I wouldn’t say that this film will be remembered by too many people which are unfortunate.

Grade C

Grade C


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