Days of Dead Convention 2014


This weekend there was the Days of Dead even t in Los Angeles Caledonia, an event that I was able to go to. Now there were a couple of reasons I really wanted to go, the first one was the guest of honor which was Clive Barker. Now I am a hug fan of his books and I needed to get one of them signed. I do have several of his signatures but I managed to pick up a hardcover first edition of Mister B. Gone… getting this one signed was a must. Some of the people there are some of my favorite in the industry and it was great to see most of them having a good time.

My issue with the event thought was that everything was outrageously expensive and not well organized. IN order to get a Barker signature you had to pay forty dollars, for someone who is a college student that is a ton of money. You could have preordered a ticket in order to guarantee to see him but that wasn’t explained on the site at all. He wasn’t the only one who was that expensive though so I really didn’t get to see that many people I wanted to. Because Clive was there were a lot of Nightbreed and Hellraiser actors there and I did get a picture with Ashley Lawrence but I really didn’t get many more pictures. Oh, and with that forty that doesn’t include a photo with him or anything.

Sadly, Barker wasn’t looking so great. I know he is getting up there in age but he almost was a shell of his former self which was hard for me to see. Thankfully everyone else that was there looked like they were doing pretty good, the few cast of Nightbreed that was there looked to be in good spirits and excited to see how much love the rerelease of the movie is getting. Even Kane Hodder looked like he was having fun; he must have had the biggest booth there.

Two things made the Convention fun and worth going. The first was that I got to go with a friend I haven’t been able to hang out with. We hit every booth and that was a blast. The other one will not surprise many people who read what I have been writing for a while and that was Tiffany Shepis. She remember who I was and that means a lot considering just how many people she must meet… Seriously that felt pretty good.

Honestly I will not be going to this event next year. I know there is most likely going to be some cool people there because it is in LA but it really wasn’t worth it to me. I think I will be heading back to Twisted Terror this coming year; it was just more fun and a better value for me.


As a Side note I did get to sit in on a screening of Truth or Dare. To be honest this is not a movie for me and not something I feel like I can recommend. I couldn’t finish it and me and my friend walked out rather angry but since I did not finish it I do not feel like I can review it with any integrity.


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