The Scribbler (2014)


John Suits


Dan Schaffer


Katie Cassidy – Suki
Garrent Dillahunt – Hogan 
Michelle Trachtenberg – Alice
Michael Imperioli – Unnamed Cop
Gina Gershon – Cleo
Sasha Grey – Bunny 
Kunal Nayyar – Karem 
Ashlynn Yennie – Emily 

When I first read about this movie on another website I figured this would either be a horrible movie or something that frankly wasn’t for me. As often happens while I’m at school I have plenty of work to do and I do my best when I have a movie going so I turned this one and figured worst comes to worst I would at least get some work done… the thing was I ended up having to stay up late because I got nothing done during the film.

The story is one that is a little hard to explain, it may have been the hardest thing to grasp with this one. We have this woman, Suki, who is suffering from multiple personality syndrome who is moving to a building meant for people with mental illness. To deal with her personalities she has been put in this treatment called the Siamese Burn which is meant to kill off the other personalities, she has one in particular that seems to be an issue which is only known as The Scribbler.

After she moves in people from the building start to die off, it wouldn’t be much of a movie without a body count. Now this is the only aspect of the film that comes off as having anything resembling a horror film. The blood and deaths were handles fairly well, way better than I thought they would have been. Now I wish that the site that I first saw this movie being advertised that this couldn’t hardly been a horror film, it’s as much of a horror film as the Resident Evil movies. If you want something with lots of blood and guts, a movie that will send chills up your spine, then you may want to look somewhere else.

Katie Cassidy as Suki was amazing and the reason to watch the Scribbler, there is a great cast in this movie but she was above the rest easily. I can’t say I have seen too many of her films, not that she has been in that many, but I may be a fan after this. Garret Dillahunt plays Hogan who managed to be the only male in the entire building and manages to have a great chemistry. The rest of the cast doesn’t really seem to matter a whole lot but they are good in their own right. The three that stand out were Michelle Trachtenberg, Gina Gershon and Sasha Grey.

The movie has a interesting storyline that can be hard to follow, kind of feels like a rollercoaster in the dark, but it was the visuals that makes the movie gripping to me. If you watch the trailer you will see the tone of the film which looks both dirty and diseased. Frankly I love it because there are too many sterile films out there for my taste. The bad side is that I thought I was sold on a horror film, even an action horror but instead I got a science fiction thriller. The marketing for this movie seems to be all over the place and the trailer can be a bit misleading. I know that is often the case with film now, that the marketing team and distribution seems to have a different idea than the director on what the film should ultimately be seen as.

If you want horror look somewhere else, this is like the resident evil 5 of film. It was promised as one thing and shown something else. Both were enjoyable to me (this movie and the game) but when the trailer says the word “monsters” I expect monsters… but I can’t blame the film.

Grade A

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