Dead Within (2014)

Director: Dead-Within

Ben Wagner 


Matthew Bradford 
Dean Chekvala 


Dean Chekvala – Mike
J. Claude Deering – Ranger Mark Rand
Rick Federman – Todd
Sarah McMaster – Erika 
Amy Cale Peterson – Kim 

There are some things that wil make me go out of the way to watch a movie, some things will end up pushing me away so fast that I’ll barely even finish the title screen. The thing with this movie that almost made me not watch it was the cast, there is something that is a bit worrisome about a film that only has five cast members and none of them I recognized.

The story is one that we normally don’t get to see with an outbreak film. Instead of the initial burst of infected, or the head removing escapades of dumb young adults we get to see the human elements of what would happen six months later. Instead of the large group like the walking dead we get two people, a husband and wife but we dominantly follow Kim. She stays in the house they have barricaded themselves  while her husband Mike runs around trying to make sure they have what they need to survive.

To be clear this is not a zombie film, its not even much of a contagion film but a drama in a horror setting. Amy Cale Peterson (Kim) spends most of the film acting by herself which is impressive. Not only is she suppose to play someone who is emotionally distraught from what she has experienced but she must show signs of degrading in her mental capacity. There is something to be said about not leaving the building you are in for six months, not being able to leave. Dean Chekvala does a great job when he is actually in the movie but his role is obviously to support her. The rest of the cast… to say much about them would be a spoiler so I will avoid saying anything more.

If you are interested in a film that has a lot of action than you really should look somewhere else. This is the type of movie that isn’t what most people are looking for when it comes to horror. It is a very slow paced film and does a lot to set the next sequence of events. One top of that there is very little blood and gore in this movie. I can’t say that I was wanting them to change a lot of the film because it fit the mood I was in but it is not something that I could watch all the time.

The positives are that this is a very solidly written and acted film. On the other hand the pace is very toned down and there was nothing scary about this film, moments were disturbing not nothing that would make people jump.

Grade C

Grade C

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