Chronicles of Wormwood


Written by: Garth Ennis

Art by: Jacen Burrows

Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse

Publishing by: Avatar Press 2006-2007

So I stumbled on this in my local comic book store while looking for a new comic to review. I read the summary of the book and at first thought it was a stupid premise that would probably offend anyone raised in even a vaguely religious household. After breaking down and reading it, I found out that that was just the tip of the iceberg.

So the core story is about the Anti-Christ, Danny Wormwood, and his best friend Jesus Christ (who happens to suffer from brain damage caused from police brutality while protesting). Oh and there is a sentient rabbit named Jimmy. Satan and God are trying to get Wormwood to jump start the apocalypse and Wormwood is fighting against in a way to act out against his father. There are some key story pieces that are nicely done, such as when Wormwood, Jesus, and Jimmy take a road trip to heaven and hell. This shows an interesting take of a modern idea of how those realms would be. The friendship between Wormwood and Jesus comes off as an honest relationship.

Then there is the ridiculousness and the pieces that could offend many readers. Joan of Arc is added into the story for no other reason than for Wormwood to have sex with even though he has a long term girlfriend. They treat her as nothing more than a sex doll. The Vatican also plays a part in the story, the priesthood pushes for the Pope to kill Wormwood. The Pope is against this because Wormwood openly defies his father; now this sounds pretty mellow and works into the story, however… the Pope is a vulgar little imp of a man that is partaking in orgies. God makes an appearance towards the end and they treat him like a bat-shit crazy hermit.

So if you aren’t easily offended and looking for an interesting read to kill time than take a look, however if you are easily offended, especially when it comes to religion than give this book a wide pass. There are some really good concepts hidden under gallons of sex juices and other bodily fluids.

Grade: D

Grade: D


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