Nurse (2013)


Douglas Aarniokoski


Douglas Aarniokoski


Paz de la Huerta – Abby Russell

Boris Kodjoe – Detective John Rogan

Katrina Bowden – Danni

Kathleen Turner – Head Nurse Betty Watson

Judd Nelson – Dr. Morris


I knew going into this movie that this would be a very interesting film, I didn’t know much about the film other than then Katrina Bowden was in it and I think she is actually very talented. The trailer really doesn’t  let you know what you are getting into with this movie… and to be honest if it had been a more honest trailer I don’t know if I would have watched it.

It started out really rough, we get to meet Nurse Abigail Russle right away and we get to watch her kill someone because he was trying to cheat on his wife. She explains her life and Danni another nurse who she seems to have taken an interest in but we also get to see her sleeping with a guy who is most likely dead with injection needles. She seems to have a thing with killing cheating men…and somehow this is her duty.  The story started to get a little crazy when Danni sees her step father cheating on her mother and Abby takes her out for a night on the town. They drink too much and end up sleeping together with another total stranger. The fixation with Danni grows and the killing starts to become more personal and Abigail feels brushed off by her crush. The characters are such a contrast to each other is insane, one is just sweet through and through while Abby comes off a sociopath the moment we see her and hear her voice. The whole movie is narrated by her and just the sound of her voice oozes murder.

Strangely enough, the first nudity we get to see is not female but male. We get several scenes of male butt in this movie. Sadly we do get plenty of nudity from Abigail’s character including full frontal. I thought that there had been some very clever shots to cover Bowden but they didn’t with Paz de la Huerta and it just seemed a little weird.

There is a lot of cheep use of the 3d effect, this movie was designed to be shown that way but I can’t stand watching anything that way, and it was actually very distracting. I don’t know how water coming at me makes a cool effect but it is what it is. There is several kills that can be ruined by this, it just looks cheesy and I wish they never bothered with this gimmick.

There is a wide variety of kills in this movie. Some of them are rather violent and hard to watch being a male while some are off screen. There is one in particular which is pretty rough, a dude gets tortured… we get to see an arm cut off. I like the fact that they really tried to keep things fresh in this by changing the kills around so that it wasn’t the usual thing over and over again. It’s strange for me to be surprised bu things like this… I’ve watched so many movies that it can be shocking. Again, its sad just how many of them actually end up bad due to the need to add in the 3D into this movie.

I really felt like they had some good things going for this film but they did muck it up a bit. The 3d scenes were horrible in 2d. I will not watch movies in 3d because it ends up making me feel sick for the rest of the day so encase anyone wants to complain about that… I can’t imagine how the scenes would have been better off in 3d. The ending was a sad attempt to stay trendy with current horror films which I will constantly call the BS ending. I felt like I have seen this too much to be ok with it, they had a good climax that ended with a feel of the Urban Legends 2 ending…. But that was actually done better.

Grade C

Grade C


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