See No Evil 2 (2014)

Directors: seenoevil2

Jen Soska 
Sylvia Soska 


Nathan Brookes 
Bobby Lee Darby 


Glen Jacobs – Jacob Goodnight 
Danielle Harris – Amy 
Katharine Isabelle – Tamara
Chelan Simmons – Kayla 
Kaj-Erik Eriksen – Seth 
Greyston Holt – Will
Lee Majdoub – Carter 
Michael Eklund – Holden

So far I have not reviewed See No Evil, I have watched it and remembered liking it enough that when I saw the bluray in the Wal-Mart $5 bin I grabbed it without hesitating. That all being said I was actually looking forward to this movie coming out. Like I said I enjoyed the first one enough to actually get the bluray and I did like the movie Dead Hooker in a Trunk which was directed by the Soska sisters as well. I have been reading a lot about this movie, including the reviews, and I’m not sure that we have seen the same film.

Even thought the movie was film 8 years later this actually takes place right after the first film. Bodies start to pile into the morgue which is the setting for this movie. I have read all over the place about how this is great because morgues are creepy and such… I happen to disagreebut that is a personal preference which I will explain later. So the main character Amy works there and it so happens to be her birthday. Since she ends up working late in order to help out with the case load her friends come celebrate with her at work with the help of her co-worker.

So, lets see if I get this right. As a friend I think it is a good idea to gather at the morgue where she will be sweaty and gross after working a double shift. Now Amy is played by Danielle Harris so even after her grueling night she is still a beautiful woman which makes no sense to me at all. Now things take a turn for the worse because one of the bodies is Jacob Goodnight and he isn’t really dead…. Big shocker there but it was what fans would want to see. It has been awhile since we have seen the creation of a character like Jason Vorhees so why not try here.

Here’s why I dislike the treatment that this movie got.

We have some of the best scream queens in the industry in this movie, two of them are personal favorites. Katharine Isabelle’s character in this movie is the most fucking annoying thing to watch. She is a good actress but instead of seeing any real skill she has she is a drunk slut. It’s so frustrating to see that she startles this corpse of Goodnight and kisses him… how was that a good idea? This was a horrible idea… only thing that coiuld be worse was to have her and her boyfriend having sex no more than ten feet from the body. Oh wait, that happened as well. She wasn’t the only one wanting to hook up because Kayla played by Chelan Simmons wanted some action too.

They must have a thing with strong chemicals.

The setting didn’t work for me, nothing about it said morgue to me because it seemed to ignore what morgues look like. The lighting was awful, I’m sorry I know the power was ut but they couldn’t figure out a better way to make sure that this seemed like a gritty film other than make sure you can barely make out what the room looks like in detail? The best reason I can see for doing it this was to make sure that the jump scares were lined up just right.

Now for some positives. Danielle Harris is Great which is not a surprise for me, so was Glen Jacob returning as Jacob Goodnight. He is a scary looking dude before he puts on that awful mask but it could have been worse. The kills were brutal looking (when there was enough light to see the effects job) and I felt like there was some good camera angles despite the harsh lighting conditions. Later in the film there were a few surprises that I enjoyed thought I dislike the ending it does seem like we will get another See No Evil Film is WWE decides to continue.

I will not say that I know the most about the Soska sisters’ work. I did like Dead Hooker a lot because I thought it was different so this is my second film from them. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie and it was a huge let down for me. I hope film I watch of there is better.


Grade: D

Grade: D


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