The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)


Alfonso Gomez-Rejon


Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa 
Earl E. Smith 


Addison Timlin – Jami 
Veronica Cartwright – Lillian 
Anthony Anderson – Lone Wolf Morales 
Travis Tope – Nick 
Joshua Leonard – Deputy Foster 
Andy Abele – Sackhead 
Gary Cole – Chief Deputy Tillman 
Edward Hermann – Rev. Cartwright
Ed Lauter – Sheriff Underwood 
Denis O’Hare – Charles B. Pierce Jr 
Spencer Treat Clark – Corey


Now this film is very different than the first one, I’m not going to start off by saying that this is better or worse but it is simply different. Instead of the slower burn documentary style of the first this one comes across like a straight slasher film right off the bat.

The thing about this movie that is interesting is that they acknowledge the first film as being a film, I know other movies do that but they made it a very important part of the film in some ways which I liked. While the movie is being played at a drive in a couple goes off and one the male dies by being stabbed over and over again. Now that’s not much of a spoiler, it’s in the trailer that all this happens. The most interesting part was that after killing the guy the phantom chases the girl down and told her that the town would have to remember Mary.

Now there is some stretches in the narrative that I wasn’t a big fan of, the sequence (may have been a dream) the mother screams at her and calls her a whore. Now I get that this girl is scared from the lost of the guy but her parents as well but I really has an issue with that for some reason. There were some continuity that didn’t make any sense at all… like the second and third victims were killed around midnight but it was clearly almost dawn. The use of the nicknames like Lone Wolf and Spark Plug seemed like cool little throwbacks but also they jarred the narrative for me… others may not care. The main character gets accepted to “California State College” but that isn’t a thing. I happen to go to California State University: Channel Islands so that was a little annoying considering they also mentioned several other real colleges.

For once the ending was a surprise, I had two people picked out as possible killers and I was wrong on both counts. The ending was a big swerve and I’m really not sure how I feel about it at the time of this review. It was like a old Vince Russo WWF swerve from back in the day that looked fine but my bullshit meter also went off so I’m sure I will be going back and forth weather I liked it or not.

The actors picked for this film was a little surprising. I know that Anderson has been in some more serious roles but to me he is always going to be the guy in that Kangaroo Jack film. The rest of the cast I can’t say that I would go out of my way to watch though they were all pretty good. Not many bad one in the bunch.

It wouldn’t be a modern horror movie without some needless nudity and sex scenes, the trailer shows that there will most likely be nudity but then again I was hoping that it would actually tie into the narrative better than it did because it was a rather pointless scene. Over all it wasn’t too bad.

The movie is way more visceral than the first. The killed had a variety wide range. The stabbing was nothing special in the beginning but it really just ramps up from there. I enjoyed the fact that he used a severed head to break into a hotel room, its something that I didn’t expect in this film. The bones breaking and blood squibs in this one are just crazy looking, very well done and just over the top enough to look good. Something things they brought back I was not a big fan of the trombone kill in this movie, I didn’t like it in the first one either.

If you like slashers than I would say that you should check this one out. It’s not the best and will be quickly forgotten but I would say that it was fun while it lasted.

Grade B



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