Open Windows (2014)

Director: open_windows

Nacho Vigalondo 


Nacho Vigalondo 


Elijah Wood – Nick Chambers 
Sasha Grey – Jill Goddard 
Neil Maskell – Chord


Now, if you look at what this film appears to be and nothing else it is a different take on a horror/thriller. When you take away the standard camera from a film it can create an interesting dynamic. Found footage is not really my thing but this is something a little different. Instead this whole film is done with web cameras.

Nick is this blogger who is Jill’s biggest fan, an actress that happens to be in lower budget horror films. I know people like this, I am a huge fan of several actresses but I know I am nowhere near the super fan he is. Anyways he had won a dinner with Jill only for her to cancel at the last second. He finds this out when someone contacts him on his computer named Chord. This guy gives him the opportunity to view her through her own cell phone and computer cameras.

Now this is not much of a horror film, there are some weird moments where can feel like something awful is going to happen but it never really gets that bad. Of course there is a huge amount of home invasion in this movie, there is also some torture but nothing that is graphic. I really wished there were more horror elements to this one, it is definitely has a bit of a creepy aspect to this only because the ability to hack people like this is definitely in our future but it just wasn’t enough for me.

There is only one moment of “gore” in the entire thing and it was minor. Even thought there was little blood they used it to good effect. There is some nudity in this one, it does make sense considering the context that it was in. I think the film could have used a little more of the blood and didn’t exactly need the boobs but I can’t say it really detracts from the overall experience.

The acting from Elijah Wood is awesome which should be the surprise to no one. The dude was Froto, seems like everything I see him in he is a very solid actor. One a documentary called “Nightmare Factory” he mentioned that he wants to do more in the horror industry which is exciting that someone as talented as he is wants to do more passion projects. I already mentioned Sasha Gray was in this film, I thought she had a very solid performance in this one. I really can’t believe that her character would be all that different from her in real life but there isn’t a big character arch for her. Like Wood I wish she did more horror projects because I thought she was great in “Would You Rather” and her cameo in “The Scribbler” were good considering how short it was.

Not a great horror selection but an overall good movie. Depending on the crowd I think that this movie will either be a very easy sell or a hard one. The camera idea is different and I found it refreshing though some may be against the idea. The nudity may make it difficult because I know a lot of people who avoid it in film but to most saying that its Sasha Gray topless will be an instant seller.

Grade A

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