Zombeavers (2014)

Director: zombeavers

Jordan Rubin 


Al Kaplan 
Jordan Rubin 


Rachel Melvin – Mary 
Cortney Palm – Zoe 
Lexi Atkins – Jenn 
Hutch Dano – Sam 
Peter Gilroy – Buck 
Jake Weary – Tommy 
Brent Briscoe – Winston Gregorson 
Bill Burr – Joseph 


Yeah, I didn’t believe that this was a movie.

Instead of having a bunch of human zombies attack people in the city we have a few beavers attack a group of people in the middle of nowhere. It really is that simple. We have three woman who go out in the woods to a cabin to help one of them get over a nasty break up, she saw online that her boyfriend had cheated on her with some mystery girl… doesn’t end up being a girls only weekend because of the them ends up invite the boys out… and people die horribly as beavers kill them.

Now the actors were surprisingly good with only a few exceptions.  Rachel Melvin, Courtney Palm and Lexi Atkins were the girls and I was shocked at how good they actually were in this movie. Often in these kinds the films the women typically attractive and can’t act. Now I’m not the biggest Melvin fan but even she impressed me… some of the guys on the other hand. Hutch Dano apparently has a decent following online but now only did I find his borderline bad but kind weird looking but Peter Gilroy was actually annoying. If I never see him in a film again I think I will be alright with it.

The effects in this movie were amazing, I really loved a lot of the gore in this movie. That was another area I figured would be bad but I actually cringes a lot in this movie. The worst being when a dude gets his junk bitten off. We get limbs removed and all sorts of stuff, it really is a great job by the FX team.

The bad sides of this film are that I may have a hard time getting other people to sit through it. There is a rather long scene of pointless nudity. I happen to watch horror movies with female friends so this may be a deal breaker when I am around them. I also feel like I have put my friends through a lot of movies (Sand Sharks, Sharknado) so it gets hard to convince them to watch something about zombie beavers.

The good side of this movie is that it is way better than anyone could ever have expected. The beavers looked great and the gore was believable but still managed to be crazy enough to fit the tone. The actors were good (again for the most part) and the story was entertaining.

I expected to sleep through this movie while on a train and instead I came to really like. I don’t think that many people will watch this one but you should really give it a chance. “Worst” movie that I will ever give this score….

Grade A



  1. Haha, it looks so bad, but if you give it an A…

    1. I said it was the worst movie I have given an A… I just had a lot of fun watching it

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