Jessaballe (2014)


Kevin Greutert


Robert Ben Garant


Sarah Snook – Jessie
Joelle Carter – Kate
Mark Webber – Preston
David Andrews – Leon
Ana de la Reguera – Rosaura
Amber Stevens – Dead Girl
Chris Ellis – Sheriff Pruitt
Brian Hallisay – Mark
Vaughn Wilson – Moses

Life sometimes has a theme to it. This last week I ended up doing a Art Nouveau piece with a voodoo theme to it, I have a song with the same theme and then I end up watching this film. Now I know that the trailer doesn’t seem to give that away but the moment that you start this film you find out right away so it’s not like I’m spoiling much.

The film is named after the titular character who really gets a raw deal in this movie. She seems to have lost her mother earlier in her life, and right away we find out that she survives a car wreck that kills both her boyfriend and unborn child. She is forced to move back in with her father who she hasn’t talked to in a long time. So off goes this woman to live with her father out in the middle of nowhere deal with the loss of a child, a boyfriend and the ability to walk.

There is a few things that took a long time to get used to. It has been forever since I watched a film that had voodoo in it. To be honest it is not something I am overly comfortable with and it is all over this movie. Another thing was the accents used in the movie because they seemed a little inconsistent with other characters.

The acting was pretty good, nothing that I would say desires an Oscar but nothing offensive. One thing this movie does do is show that Sarah Clark could have a good career as a horror actress. She has this freshness that is greatly needed because when you watch as many films as I do it gets a little old seeing the same actress playing the same roles because they get typecasted. Not to say I dislike watching some of these people but it’s nice to see something a little different. Mark Webber as the male lead was alright, this is the type of guy that I could see in real life with no issue. The other big stand out is the ghost played by Amber Stevens, she may be one of the better point of the movie because we actually don’t spend a whole lot of time with her.

This is a movie with very little gore to it. The worst of it is implied though there is a good deal of animal corpses which is consistent with the voodoo theme. If you have problems with animals dying than this is probably not a good film for you to watch, we don’t see the actual deaths though it is implied greatly in a voodoo ritual shown in the later part of the film.

The film does have some issues with it that are hard to overlook. The pacing seems a little weird. There was a really long drawn out first act, the second act was where a lot of the buildup took place but the climax of the film was really short and somewhat unfulfilling. The upswing of the film is really good though, it really grabbed my attention was the film was just about to lose me.

Overall I’ve got some mixed feels about this one. Good actors and a second act that was entertaining to watch even if I don’t care for some of the imagery. The downsides (the pacing and lack luster third act) really hurt the movie. The end was something that probably looked great on paper but I’m really for something a little different.

Grade C

Grade C

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