Leprechaun 2 (1994)


Rodman Flender 


Mark Jones 
Turi Meyer 


Warwick Davis – The Leprechaun
Charlie Heath – Cody 
Shevonne Durkin – Bridget 
Sandy Baron – Morty 
Adam Biesk – Ian 
James Lancaster – William O’Day


Some nights all I want is to watch some bad horror movie and laugh. For some reason I really don’t find most “normal” comedy films all that enjoyable but Black comedy is something that I have come to really love. When I watched this movie I really needed to laugh.

The formula is pretty straight forward when it comes to the first film, take his gold and he is pissed. This time around it about how the Leprechaun wants a bride which is drastically different. I have no clue why they didn’t just recycle the whole thing because it was a simple formula that could have some very long legs but I will applaud them for trying something different.

So a slave finds out that the bride to be is actually his daughter. The way the Leprechaun (now known only as L because I’m sick of typing it out) gets the bride is he makes her sneeze three times. The father saves her but a curse it put on the family, 1000 years later he will take a new bride. Now this is wher the first major problem lies with this movie but I will get to this later. The movie kicks into high gear when he takes the bride and now her loser boyfriend must save her.

I must say that the comedy aspect missed me on this one, if there were any actual jokes or gags in this I missed it due to the line delivery being so awful. The only actor who was any good in this was Warwick Davis, he is fantastic and I can’t say that I have seen anything in which he isn’t fantastic. The rest of the cast however is awful and the person in charge of casting couldn’t have done a worse job. Shevonne Durkin was the main female lead and even though she is pretty she can’t act. Not a single line from her was good. The male lead, Charlie Heath is even worse. I have no idea what the heck the director (Rodman Flender) was thinking when he went through with this.

The effects and kills were both forgettable and I’m reviewing this right after I watched this. There was one with a lawnmower that would have been impressive if the entire thing wasn’t off screen. There were a few others like something with a pot of gold that I won’t spoil. The effects were a little on the sloppy side but that was a rather ambitious kill.

This movie was a flop on every level for me. I have a hard time seeing what makes this a watchable movie… some people actually rather enjoy this one and it boggles my mind. It was a 4.3 on IMDB right now. I would skip this one, in fact you would have a better time watching something like Avalanche Sharks or something like that.

Grade F


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