Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Director: leprechaun-3-poster

Brian Trenchard-Smith 


David DuBos 
Mark Jones 


Warwick Davis – Leprechaun 
John Gatins – Scott McCoy 
Lee Armstrong – Tammy Larsen 
John DeMita – Fazio 
Michael Callan – Mitch
Caroline Williams – Loretta 
Marcelo Tubert – Gupta 
Tom Dugan – Art 

So I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one and really didn’t like the second one… so why am I watching and reviewing the third movie? I got the first four from the Walmart $5 bin as a package deal. This is the first in the series that is a direct to video release so chances are right off the bat this is not going to be the high point of the series.

This time around he is no longer looking for a wife, in fact it seems to (like the last one) ignore the previous film. There is this guy who sells a statue of a leprechaun to a pawn shop but warns the owner Gupta not to ever take the amulet off… but it would be a very short movie if that didn’t happen. SO he takes the amulet off and now the Leprechaun is out running about. During all of this a guy by the name of Scott ends up finding one of the gold coins, wishes to have good luck at the casino and then things go to hell pretty quick.

A lot of things really don’t make much sense in this movie. I think it’s fine that they focused on the whole wish aspect of the lore but the ignored the rest of the mythos they created. The amulet would have been nice in the previous movies, how come they introduce it in such a lame way? Also apparently the Leprechaun is like a zombie in how when you are attacked by him you will turn into a Leprechaun (yeah that happens in this) but it doesn’t seem to work on everyone. One guy gets his ear bitten off but nothing happens to him so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The kills were supposed to be funny, like that’s the point of the Leprechaun films I feel like. We get one dude electrocuted by a robot that seduced him. Once chick gets inflated until she explodes… something that I recently learned is a fetish for some people so at least someone will like that scene because I hated it. The only real decent kill was a chainsaw one where almost everything was done so you couldn’t see the guts but could the blood. It was amusing in its own little way because it fits the tone of what the movie should have been but everything else fell flat.

The acting was horrendous… with the exception of Warwick Davis. I don’t know what they are thinking in the casting for these films. Lee Armstrong wasn;t bad. It was clear to me that she may have been unprepared to take on a main role but that being said she was alright. It’s kind of a bummer that she is only in 3 movies in her entire career. Caroline Willians also is in this movie but she doesn’t really help or hurt the thing. Frankly having John Gatins as your main character when it’s his third film is kind of a bad idea. The guy at that point only had roles in horror movie sequels… not much in the way of seasoning.

Unless you really like Davis I would say avoid this at all costs. Davis did say that this was one of his favorites in the series but frankly I think he’s nuts.

Grade F

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