November Horror Block

Hi everyone, here is my opinion for the Horror Block for November. This box definitely had a theme for the month and that was Hannibal the TV show. I unfortunately have not had the time to actually watch the show but I’ve heard nothing but great reviews on. The first thing that I pulled from the box was a heart shaped stress ball with the Hannibal logo across it. It fits well inside my hand but is a bit stiffer than most stress balls. After the heart came a sheet of Hannibal stickers that looked pretty cool and had some really good images.  To top off the Hannibal collections was a great looking shirt that uses a splatter effect.

There was a nice mix of other goodies that really had me excited. One of the cooler items was an official film cell from Nightmare on Elm Street. Nightmare is one of my most favorite horror franchises so the cell really made my day when I saw that it had Freddy on it. The next thing that made my fanboy squeal in excitement was a DVD of Tales of the Cryptkeeper. I love Tales from the Crypt and the short lived animated series was a favorite as well.

For the smaller items we got a Neca Godzilla Scaler. This little guy hooks onto your headphone cord or other cord that needs a mini Godzilla to protect it. The other item was a Cthulhu on Board Hanging Car Sign. The sign has a nice 5 x 5 inch size. The sign has a cool little Cthulhu logo and the type is easy to read. This box also came with an issue of Fangoria, featuring an awesome cover art of Norman Reedus (Daryl of Walking Dead) stabbing a zombie in the eye with a crossbow bolt.

Overall I think that they did another great job on the box. I did feel that the Hannibal theme was nice but it felt a bit pushy with the swag items. This is a small thing that kind of bugged me but that is mostly just not watching the show. If you are interested in a subscription head over to and start your addiction.

Grade B

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