Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996)

Director:leprechaun 4

Brian Trenchard-Smith


Mark Jones

Dennis A. Pratt


Warwick Davis – Leprechaun

Brent Jasmer – Books

Jessica Collins – Tina

Guy Siner – Dr. Mittenhand

Gary Grossman – Harold

Rebecca Carlton – Princess Zarina

Tim Colceri – Metal Head

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. – Sticks

Debbe Dunning – Delores

Mike Cannizzo – Danny

Rick Peters – Mooch

Geoff Meed – Kowalski

Ladd York – Lucky


So in the last few movies we have seen the studios slowly remove everything that made the first movie somewhat interesting. Now I say somewhat interesting because frankly I didn’t think that was a fantastic movie by any means but at least it was different. Now in this movie we don’t even get to hear him being called the Leprechaun! Instead he is referred to only as the alien and things like that.

Space, not a place that horror sequels thrive in, we have Jason X  as proof of that. The Leprechaun has kidnapped a space princess (I did type that in right, a space princess) and if holder her captive in an attempt to get her to marry him. That is right we are back to him wanting a wife but this time it is so that he will get more power and not for any of the reasons he did in the second film. In an unrelated not there is a group of space marines after “the alien”… things happen and we end up with a dead Leprechaun and a wounded princess on the marine’s ship. By the way they brought the Leprechaun back as a spoof on Alien.

Mark Jones and Dennis A. Pratt should be ashamed that they wrote this. The whole things was at one point a spoof on Apollo 13 but then turned into this and its horrible. This is by far the worst written one in the series with gags that are not funny but they manage to insult the intelligence of the audience with how bad they are. Mystery Science Theater 3000 used similar jokes in a sense but they managed to pull them off because the whole show was based off of bad movie ideas while this tried to be a real movie.

The acting was horrible in this one but I feel like it is actually on par with the writing, tone and direction the series is going in. Normally I attempt to make sure I try to find the shinning point as far as actors go but in this one it is only Warwick Davis. He delivers his lines the best her can but when you have crap dialogue there is only so much you can do. The rest on the other hand were only there for a payday. The worst ine the whole movie for me had to be Guy Siner. I know it had to do a lot with the character written for him but man was it bad. Its sad that the three women who were picked for the film to be hot and not their acting is better than him.

The effects were bad, I really can’t remember anything that was worth seeing. The machine was Dr. Mittenhand was awful looking and you could see him kneeling down behind it. The monster that is created at the end looks like something out of MST3k but the worst was how they decided to make Princess Zarina an alien species. They dumped glitter on her, which was all they freaking did. Its like how Stephanie Myers made vampires look different. If it sparkles it must be different.

DO NOT WATCH. That is all.

Grade F


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