Lord of Illusions (1995)

Director: lord of illusions

Clive Barker


Clive Barker


Scott Bakula – Hayy D’Amour

Kevin J. O’Connor – Philip Swann

Joseph Latimore – Casper Quaid

Sheila Tousey – Jennifer Desiderio

Susan Traylor – Maureen Pimm

Ashley Tesoro – Young Dorothea


When the name Clive Barker comes up the first thing people think of (if they are into horror movies) is Hellraiser. It is by far his most popular films but he does have a lot of underappreciated works out there. If you look at the other movie’s I have reviewed from 1995 there is a wide variety of films being released at the time. One of them was actually another Clive Barker film, Candyman: Farwell to the Flesh… but none of them so far have been on my top ten lists.

Instead of the insane chains and self mutilation we have come to love from Mr. Barker we instead get something a bit more fanciful. We get to see this cult in full force, all of it around this guy Nix who is able to use magic. Not the kind you see in Vegas but the real deal. Before things get to crazy.. and by that I mean that it already is a bit nuts but not over the top yet, Nix is shot by a girl that he had kidnapped. 13 years later we get introduced to the hero of this story Harry D’Amour,  he is actually a big deal in the literature and world that Clive has created. There is a lot of twists and turns that will only make me sound like a lunatic but in the end Harry and Dorothea (she was the girl who was kidnapped) must stop Nix from being brought back to life.

The story is hard to follow on paper but works alright when you actually watch it. It is much more of a thriller and mystery that a horror film but it works fine anyways, The best thing for me is the actors involved with this. Scott Freaking Bakula as Harry D’Amour, I loved him in this movie. He just comes across as being a super smooth guy. We get Kevin J. O’Connor who was good for as long as we get to see him. Daniel von Bargen is amazing as Nix the villain, I loved him in this. I realy wish that he would get more roles where he can play this kind of character.  Famke Janssen apparently has magic of some kind because she really hasn’t aged since this film.

The special effects in this movie were not very good when it came to the CG stuff. I know the time when this came out they weren’t nearly as advanced as we have now but they had to know that this was not good. Instead of having it look like it belonged in a movie it resembled some of the playstation games that would have come out that year.  I would have found a different why to do some of the effects but then again I’m a big fan of practical effects.

I really don’t know what there is to say about this film. I enjoyed it but it really wasn’t much of a horror film. If I had to put it in a category I would have been a really gritty and bloody mystery instead of a horror movie which is something I liked. If you want a horror movie you may have to get your fix somewhere else.

Grade B



  1. I know was hyped from the trail, went to see it then felt like I got mugged for my money. Disappointing

    1. I think if I went to a theater to watch this I would have been upset. Having only watched this for the first time this year I knew what I was getting into.

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