Adam’s Top 5 films of 2014

Well, as I am writing this Im watching yet another horrible movie so I will have the time to write about what I think are the best movies I have watched from 2014. This means that they are just my opinion and I will mostly likely be wrong according to different people. This is my list though and they are only of the movies that I managed to watch this year. Sadly this number is not a huge amount of movies from 2014 but here are the ones I loved the most.


#5 – Zombeaverszombeavers

Let’s make something clear right away, I did say that this was the worst movie that I have ever given an “A”. The reason I have the film that rating was because I honestly had fun with the movie at a time when I needed something fun. Another thing that helped this movie was that I was expecting to hate the film (or at best sleep through it on a train ride) but instead I looked like a lunatic laughing with my headphones on.

The acting is far better than I would have though, the two major shinning points were Lexi Atkins and Courtney Palm. Now I know I normally rail against pointless and random nudity and it still is something that annoys me but I’m overlooking that because Palm can actually act.

More about the review can be found here.


#4 – Open Windowsopen_windows

This movie is much more of a thriller than a horror movie for the most part but it does have some elements. The movie is done in a very interesting way (everything being show like a webcamera) and that gives it a very interesting feel. It’s shakey cam but not.

Elijah Wood is amazing in his role and Sasha Grey went from doing porn to slowly becoming an actress that I’m excited to see in film. Now I’ve only seen her in a couple of movies but she was fantatic in this and Would You Rather so I hope to see more of her in horror industries. It doe have some nudity in it from her and for a lot of people that may be a selling point.

More here.


#3 – Stage FrightStage_Fright-362294399-large

I have a soft spot of musicals, not just ones in the horror genre but it gets extra credit for being a slasher flick. I would love to see more movies like this because it manages to poke a little fun at the subgenre through song and dance while managing to stay true to it at the same time. Sure there is some cheesiness to it but it is all done in good fun instead of poor acting and writing.

This introduced me to another set of actors that I really enjoyed as well as having some real notable talent. Minni Driver plays the ill fated mother and Meat Load plays the man in charge of the kids after the death of the mother but it really shines on Allie MacDonald and Douglas Smith.

I really want this soundtrack, rest of the review here.


#2 – Godzillagodzilla-poster1-625

I know that a lot of people weren’t overly happy with this one but I had fun watching not only in theater but at home. It is one of the few creature feature films that I was actually able to watch with my wife which is something that doesn’t happen often. The movie had a large scope and awesome effects. The issues which make sure it is not#1 for me and what annoyed a lot of other people was that there wasn’t giant monster against giant monster violence… that and Cranston is not in the film a whole lot.

Yeah the review is here and a whole podcast episode here.


#1 – Compound Fracturecompound fracture

One of the few movies that I actually preordered before even watching, I love watching Tyler Mane and Derek Mears so needless to say that I like the acting but it had some others in there that did a great job. We get the awesome Muse Watson as well as Renae Geerlings. Watson was in I Know What You Did Last Summer while Geerlings hasn’t been in a whole lot but I’m excited to see more.

Derek Mears as an fighting Tyler Mane… what could be better.

Check out the review here as well as a round table podcast episode here.


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