December Horror Block

So I finally received my Horror Block for December and I was surprised with this month’s box. After dealing with the holidays I was looking forward to my little black box as the last present of the year, so I did a little jig when I saw the block sitting outside my door.

Horror Block teased that this month’s block would have a universal monster item in it and this created my brain to think of a million cool things it could be. When I opened up the box the first thing right on top was a Funko Pop vinyl figure of The Wolf Man. I really loved this vinyl and actually almost picked it up during the New York City Comic-Con this last year when they were first released but instead got The Creature of the Black Lagoon. These vinyls are great for starting collectors or fans that enjoy Funko’s stylized figures.

Below the vinyl was a Poltergeist mouse pad with the iconic image of the daughter in front of the static TV. The picture looks great but the mouse pad itself is a bit thin. Another item was Zomb-ease, a hand sanitizer to help ward off the all your sickly relatives and co-workers. The last item was a skeleton stress ball that’s head is filled with maggots. It’s a bit cheesy but it did cheer me up a little after a few squeezes.

This month saw the return of Rue Morgue as the block’s magazine. I still don’t know why they switched over to Fangoria the last two months (not that I’m complaining), and this month’s issue was sporting a Ghostbusters cover.


And finally this month’s shirt is a nice gem. It is an Overlook Hotel shirt, with a hedge maze, axes, movie quote and some other small references to the classic “The Shining”. It’s a great looking shirt and unlike some of the previous blocks, this one is a bit more subtle in design. It’s a great shirt and I will probably wear it more than I should.


Overall I feel that this month’s block had cheaper items than previous blocks but still made them stand out. You are still getting more than your money’s worth of items. The Wolf Man, shirt and mouse pad are the big wins of the box while the hand sanitizer and stress skeleton are a bit on the cheesy side. If you are interested in getting your own Horror Block you can head to their site at The subscription is $19.99 a month plus shipping and they have teased that January’s block will include 2 shirts.


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