Chemical Peel (2014)

Director: chemical-peel-2014

Hank Braxtan


Dan Sinclair


Natalie Victoria – Rae

Arielle Branchfeld – Angela

Stephanie Greco – Jordin

Lacy Fisher – Elise

Lonye Perrine – Deb

Leigh Davis – Kimberly

Ruben Pla – Howard


The first review of the new year, and instead of reviewing something that just cam out I finally got to watch this. It has been rather hard to find, I was attempting to find it in local stores (Walmart claimed that they had it in stock but never did) so thanks to the wonder that is the internet I was able to get my hands on a copy.

To anyone who wants to watch this just save yourself the time and effort and just click here.

Now the movie has a very basic premise but it does have some layers of complexity that is slowly brought out over time. We have a group of women who are getting together for a bachelorette party but there is some issues between the woman… things only get worse when a chemical agent is released through a train wreck. It mixes with a few other substances on the train making a poison mist. This same mist ends up trapping the women in the cabin they are at.

This movie reminds me a lot of the Night of the Living Dead; in this case the toxic cloud is deadly and kills indiscriminately like the zombies do. The biggest threat in the house is the people but not in all the ways your would think. In an attempt to save yourself what would you be willing to do? Would you be willing to lock someone out and guarantee their death if that meant that you may last just a little longer? That is something these women have to think about as well as deal with some of the instabilities of people they are stuck with in the house.

It’s the relationships that make it hard. The main woman Rae was the driver in a fatal car accident that killed her childhood friend, and sister to the bride. I have no idea why they were even willing to be in the same room considering how much self loathing and hate. It’s very uncomfortable to watch but in a way that makes since and adds to the drama. Most of the other characters have small things that make them stand out slightly but in ways that don’t work as well. We have the chick that is completely annoying because she is the health freak who bugged the woman who just wanted a smoke. Seriously if I had to be around someone who criticized me for how I liked all the time I would want a smoke too. There is one that happens to have an issue that is rolled out later and the whole time I was like “There is something wrong with you!” but then again I am no stranger to seeing people with mental illness.

The cast did a pretty good job. I have become a fan of Arielle Brancheld (even got some fan art) and man does she play a bitch. Like, she seems supper awesome on Twitter and such a jerk in this it does say a lot about her acting ability. Natalie Victoria showed a rather wide range in her acting ability as Rae and at times you actually feel for her. Stephanie Greco is another actress I’ve seen before, she was alright in this… I really don’t know what else to say about her and the rest of the cast. Ther were fine, good for the most part in fact.

There is a few things that bothered me. There is a dead baby in the storyline, its not shown and there is zero reasoning for it, the moment that they shown the baby I getting irritated. There just was not good reason why it should be there to begin with because they had all planned on drinking.

The last thing I really want to say is that this is that this is the closest thing to a happy ending I’ve seen in awhile. Thought it wasn’t the feel good ending it still felt satisfying to me. If you like these kind fo movies then go for it; it had some great actresses and a decent amount of gore though there is some logical issues I had with it.

Grade B

Don’t plan on taking a shower afterwords.


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