Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Director: jeeperscreepers

Victor Silva


Victor Silva


Gina Philips – Trish

Justin Long – Darry

Jonathan Breck – The Creeper

Patricia Belcher – Jezell Gay Hartman

Brandon Smith – Sergeant Davis Tubbs

Eileen Brennan – The Cat Lady


I broke down and watched this movie. There was no way I was going to buy it, not just because of the polarizing it seems to be among horror fans but because I detest the director. Now I am going to do my best not to let the man effect the movie for me but to be honest this guy is a sexual predator and should be locked away for life.

Now the plot for this movie is fairly straight forward, two people are driving out in the middle of nowhere and stumble on something they aren’t suppose to see. Instead of crazy colony full or murderous children when gets some crazy driver dumping what looks to be bodies down a pipe. Now Darry just had to see what the heck was down there… which sets up the rest of the movie because apparently the Creeper is like a blood hound. He manages to chase them around even though they are driving around even stay in the police station.

I can’t stand Justin Long, I don’t like him as an actor because none of his emotions are very convincing. Every time we get a close up of him all I can think of is that the lights are on but no one is home. Gina Philips plays the sister Trish and she is so much better as an actor. There are time she looks terrified and very convincing. She had been in a number of horror films but none of them have been reviewed on the site yet but I wouldn’t mind seeing her in another film. The rest of the cast were kind of in the middle, some of thm were pretty good but not out shinning Philips but some I outright hated but I think that had more to do with the writing than anything else.

The effects, some of them were on point. There is a scene with a severed head that is done in nighttime and it could have been due to the lighting but I thought it looked pretty good. Blood and slime both looked good and neither of them were over used like some films tend to do. The design of the Creeper is interesting but I can’t say that like it is a good thing. If I was an artist that worked on that suit I would not be putting that on my resume. It just looked like a helmet that was poorly placed on his head… somewhere white hair was coming out but ii couldn’t figure out where. The worst part of the movie for me was the church scene where the place was wallpapered in bodies. I say this was the worst because it looked awful, don’t just glue mannequins to the wall and try to say its scary.

I actually felt like this had a pretty promising start, its nothing all that original but it’s a decent mash up of a couple different ideas. The concept of stole body parts was rather interesting but Silva managed to forget the church scene very quickly because why he had so many bodies makes no sense to me. I could have missed something though.

This would have been better is it was a short. IN the end the pacing was the biggest killer for me. I feel like there could have been so much of the movie cut out because it simply wasn’t needed. Was the crazy cat lady scene needed? Nope. Was the psychic chick needed in this movie? Nope again. If Silva cut the fat from this movie it could have been better but instead we get this rather boring movie with no tension and bad pacing.

Grade F

And if there is any chances that Silva actually sees this review (which I will not be banking on in anyway) may you rot in hell sir.


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