Mortal Kombat X – Announcement


Once again I am pumped to see something come out of NetherRealm studios. On the facebookpage they posted a photo announcing they will be showing off “Who’s next”. Now with the last announcement trailers they have managed to say that all bets are off. For people who managed to play the last one you know they rebooted the whole story and managed to produce the best single player fighting game experience to date but a lot of characters died.


Kung Lao is dead and so is Kitana but they were both in the latest trailer. This could mean that any dead character could be brought back. With this in mind Kevin and I have been talking about who we would love to come back in the new game as well as two that can be gone forever and we would be alright with it.

Adams picks

To be in MKX – Mileena and Sheeva.

Never to be seen again – Lou Kang and Bo Rai Cho


Kevins Picks

To be in MKX – Cyrax and Nightwolf

Never to be seen again – Johnny Cage and Chameleon


If  you are into this game let us know who you think should be in it and who should stay worm food.


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