Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)


Victor Salva


Victor Salva


Ray Wise – Jack Taggart Sr.

Johnathan Breck – The Creeper

Garikayi Mutambirwa – Deaundre ‘Double D’ Davis

Eric Nenninger – Scott ‘Scottie’ Braddock

Nicki Aycox – Minxie Mayes

Travis Schiffner – Izzy Bohen

Lena Cardwell – Cheasea Farmer

Billy Aaron Brown – Andy ‘Bucky” Buck

Marieh Delfino – Rhonda Truitt


First thing I would like to say is that I am trying yet again to sit through one of these movies and view it only as a movie and not through the scope of what I think of the director.  I know there is a lot of people that have no issue doing this and wonder why people like me have such a hard time and I am really going to try to not have that be part of my review.

Instead of a brother and sister we end up with this basketball team who are out in the middle of nowhere, somewhat stranded when they have a flat. There is also a family where the youngest son is abducted by the Creeper (Sounds like Salva’s personal life) and the father is going for revenge. It’s nice that it was decided to up the amount of people involved with the storyline, there is a better chance for a body count and there is some small tie ins to the first film.

The cast is annoying, I know the jock stereotypes fairly well and like all horror fans they get really annoying to me extremely fast. The cocky macho attitude really only works in films because no one is as 2-demenstional as they appear on films. Something that horror movies need to move past is that most people have complexity to them. I try to connect to atleast one character when I watch a movie like this because it will make me invest in the film just a little bit more… I have no idea how to do that when not a single character is written to be likeable.

The Creeper has a slightly different look to him, the large white frizzy hair is lacking in this movie and his overall look is much darker. Now I wasn’t a huge fan of the look in the first film but when Salva wanted the guy to look scarier so they made him blacker. I wish I was making that up…

“Jonathan Breck had to spend as many as 3-5 hours in the makeup chair to be transformed into The Creeper. He was done up to look blacker because Victor Salva wanted a scarier looking Creeper for the sequel.”

Sadly I don’t think it looked creepier, in fact it looked so much worse. The dark makeup made it loose a lot of the detail that they had done on sculpting the prosthetics. And since we get to see this creature a heck of a lot more in this one we get to see the fact this is really isn’t designed all that well. IN fact I would say that there is nothing remarkable about his look in this one at all, he is nothing more that some shitty makeup and a outfit from a western.

The sexual overtones do make me rather sick to my stomach. This was the one part of the film that I couldn’t divorce from the man. Why there were 6 to 7 guys peeing together in a line. I don’t know anyone who is totally comfortable pulling out their junk in front of others. The gay references were something that I would say was juvenile in any other movie but when it comes from the mind of a man who sexually assaulted and film a young boy this infuriated me.

Some things in the movie make no sense to me at all. How does a javelin, wielded by a woman punch a hole though the busses roof, punch into the Creeper’s skull and not kill them. All monsters and creatures do have a sense of anatomy that should make sense but this is clearly a huge leap in logic that just doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t help that I though he looked bad before but when they showed with a good chunk of his head gone I just wanted to yell.

I would love to say that there was something redeeming about this film, it wouldn’t make up for the fact that Salva is a horrible person but if he at least made a movie that was good I could say that he had something. This was better than the last film but only in comparison to that one. It was dull, poorly written, acted with an artistic vision of a middle school student.

Grade F


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