Antisocial (2013)

Director: antivirus

Cody Calahan


Chad Archibald

Cody Calahan


Michelle Mylett – Sam

Cody Ray Thompson – Mark

Adam Christie – Jed

Ana Alic – Kaitlin

Romaine Waite – Steve

Ry Barrett – Chad

Eithan Shalmon 0 Brian

Laurel Brandes – Tara

Kate Vokral – Julia

Charlie Hamilton – Dan


I really put this movie, the moment it showed up on Netflix I planned on watching it, even made it about 10 minutes into the movie, but it wasn’t until recently that I sat down and really tried to watch it and I am glad I did.

The premise for this movie is a very stupid one to be honest. That somehow a social networking site and manage to turn people into homicidal zombie like people is absurd but before you judge really take a moment to think about it. People seemed to enjoy the “One Missed Call” and I enjoyed the book “Cell” book by Stephen King and that was nearly identical in premise except iit was about cellphone signals. This idea that technology will be the downfall of people because of people tampering with it and using it ways it was never intended is nothing new. So as much as I thought the original idea was bad I wold have to say that at least they didn’t just do a virus or chemical agent.

The actual story revolves around a group of people celebrating New Years Eve. There are a couple of plot points in here that was a waste of time like the fact that the main character Sam was pregnant. It was only referenced a couple of times and never seemed to be all that important. Anyways during their celebration the world ends up falling apart because people are becoming hostile and a lot of people are dying. So it does get revealed exactly how the whole thing went down as the night goes on buy by then it is way too late for most people.

The acting is something that I wanted to talk about specifically. I know the writing is not the greatest, at times the lines of dialogue is kind of forced because of the needed exposition needed to explain everything, but some of the actors were good enough to get through it and come out just fine.  Michelle Mylett plays the main character and I think she comes off as being very sympathetic and likeable at the same time. She doesn’t have an easy time right from the very beginning of the movie and does a great job showing it in her acting… I do believe it is because she has some very expressive eyes. Cody Ray Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic and Ry Barrett all have some some moments of great acting. Adam is very expressive but some of the lines they gave this poor guy.

The gore was pretty tame, There were some things that were very effective even without it. There is a sequence where a guy stabs himself in the eye, heck we even get self brain surgery in this movie. The thing was when it came to the bloody nose bits or some splattering they really made it look good but some parts I thought it was rather weak. Some things, like brain surgery with a power drill desearves more blood because head would bleed like crazy.

Crazy enough this film has several moments that are actually very beautiful, I actually got a screenshot as the header to my personal facebook I liked it so much. In the midst of what is a indy horror film tyhey managed to get an art direction that was above things I have seen in most triple A horror films.

So its kind of a mixed bag. There is some good acting, some of the effects really helped with some of the nicest visuals I have seen in awhile. The down side is that as much as I liked some of the blood other times I was disappointed by it, the movie looked good but they had too much exposition to pull of the story so some of the writing was forced and messed with the pace a bit. All in all though I like the movie, I know it is far from perfect and I’m sure many are going to disagree with my review. If you can get over a few things it is actually a pretty good film.

Grade B


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