Dagon (2001)

Director: Dagon_poster_2150513

Stuart Gordon


H.P. Lovecraft

Dennis Paoli


Ezra Godden – Paul Marsh

Franciso Rabal – Ezequiel

Raquel Merano – Barbara

Macarena Gomez – Uxia Cambarro

Brendan Price – Howard

Birgit Bofarull – Vicki

Uxia Blanco – Madre Ezequiel

Ferran Lahoz – Sacerdote

Joan Minguell – Xavier Cambarro

There has one Icon of horror I have not touched on at all so far on this site and that is H.P. Lovecraft. For one reason or another I have not watched a single Lovecraft inspired film since I started this sight but I have been going through some of his short stories in audio format and loving every second of it. I ended up researching this film for a school project (I’ll post the image later on) and figured that I would have to watch this movie at least once.

The first thing I would like to point out that this is based off the short story with the same name, the thing is that since it is a short story there really wasn’t much that they could turn into a film. The content of the story simply couldn’t be turned into a movie but I think they were attempting to bring the spirit of the works and feel of the world that was created in those stories. In the film we have two couples that end up shipwrecked off the coast of the town Innsmouth only to end up running into a nightmare. Now the main character Paul was having dreams involving this woman who can frankly be slightly terrifying but he is attracted to her anyways.

So later we find out that this is a bit of a love story between Paul and the woman in his dreams Uxia… and she has tentacles instead of legs. It turns out the towns people are the servants and offspring of Dagon (who is never even seen in the short story). This was something that the movie poster doesn’t show and that is that this is really just a love story between them and what happens because they are being drawn together.

There is a decent amount of acting that is, well less than decent. It’s just a little hokey, like some oit is forced and the content is so far out there that sometimes I don’t even think they could have done a better job. There fish people, like I know to someone that is scary but its fish people. I just don’t think they really could have fixed it..The love angle is a little weird, like I guess she is kind of pretty but she has tentacles and I have learned that is some ones jam but that is not what turns me on.

For those who either want to laugh or feel a little gross, here is the IMDB forum page

Speaking of the tentacles, the work they did on her prosthetics were pretty good but that can’t be said for the rest of the picture. Some of it looks pretty bad but that may be a pructed of the amount of money set aside for this kind of film. Once character is particularly bad but talking about him does contain some spoilers which is rather important to the film. Sadly these are all head and shoulders above the little bit of CG that is used.

This movie does have a lot of flaws; there is some issue with the pacing, the makeup, dialog and overall craziness that is involved but I liked it. This is not a Lovecraft story but I think they tried to make something that wasn’t a direct film based on his work but more of the spirit of it.

Also, fish people.

Grade B

Also for class I decided that it needed a sequel so here is my poster for that.



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