Digging up the Marrow (2015)

Director: digging-up-the-marrow-poster

Adam Green


Adam Green


Ray Wise – William Dekker

Adam Green – Himself

Will Barratt – Himself

Rileah Vanderbilt – Herself

Josh Ethier – Himself

Kane Hodder – Himself


This is one of those movies where the premise that you see on IMDB is pretty much what the entire movie is. The whole plot is Adam Green’s desire to find monsters in real life. The film is shot in a documentary style, following him and hes friends as they work on solving the case presented to them by William Dekker. That is the entire story, part of me wishes that there was more to tell but on the other hand I do like the simplicity of the story.

The first issue comes from every found footage/documentary style films with very few exceptions. The Pace of this movie drags on for most f the movie. I know there is a ton of set up for the story but I just wish that they would have something that was a bit more riveting. I have no idea what that could have been but I think something is needed to make sure the film moves at a better clip. I would like to take a moment to say that is not really a knock on the story or the writing but on the filming style.

The few moments where the creature design comes out and is seen is amazing. I really love the art and the concepts behind them. Alex Pardee who designed these deserves a lot of praise for his work and I seriously believe that if you are a fan of horror you should check out his artwork here. It is something that is very sparring in the movie but when you see it it really stands out as some of the best monster design I have seen in a long time.

The acting in this is something of a sore point unfortunately with one bright shining point. Ray Wise is serious a gem, a beacon in the dark which is the B horror films. I really enjoyed his work in this, he brought a very large range to the character and even managed to make some of the lines that would be lame work in context. Adam green is a great director, I really enjoy the Hatchet franchise but his acting is less than steller. He isn’t bad but when he is next to Wise you can see the difference.

No real deaths to report this time around, in fact I really can’t remember any which is different. I normally would complain about something like that but it was not only fitting but it was handled with a sense of grace that most movies never seem to get their heads around.

With everything that is wrong with this movie there is a lot of things that are right. I think if you enjoy the art of Pardee then you have to watch this. Ray Wise is something that makes this movie enjoyable even though he makes everyone else look pretty bad in comparison. I would watch this movie again and that should say something.

Grade B


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