Invasion of the Undead (2015)

Director: Invasion-of-the-undead-key-art

Torey Haas


Torey Haas


Marie Barker – Allison Hillstead

Greg Garrison – Desmond

D. Dylan Schettina – Jake

Nathan DeRussy – Undead Drake Hillstead / Ricky

Josie Levy – Ashley Amberson

John Reed – Big Z

Mark Ashworth – Dunsmore

Emma Greene – Mary


It has been forever! I’m sorry for the long delay in between reviews but I swear I have good reasons. The first film for review after my long time off is this one… I just kind of click on stuff until a movie played and it happened to be this one.

Now the story is something that even after twenty minutes in I had a hard time figuring out what the hell I was watching. Now there weren’t zombies in this movie apparently they were creatures that were undead… one of the characters said it multiple times but I couldn’t be bothered to remember what the heck he was talking about. This is one of the issues when the film’s budget is so low they they don’t have enough people on the crew to make sure things make sense. That being said it was still better than some of the other films I’ve watched. At one point they use salty potato chips as a weapon.

One thing that bothered me was the care for continuity. The flashbacks didn’t bother even try to cover all the modern elements and fixtures. The accents during these were awful and really should have been scraped and turned this into a short or something like that. They tried to make up for some of the effects and issues they had been doing a lot of the filming in the dark with a light blue filter on everything. That being said this movie actually has some charming bits about it. Some aspects of this is very campy and amusing.

The acting was another area that was spotty at best. Greg Garrison was pretty wooden and as a main character that isn’t a good idea, his partner was a little bit better because I think his character called for that kind of performance. D. Dylan Schettina is a curiosity at best though. I did think that Marie Barker was decent, not great but she has the right look for the part at least.


I can’t really recommend this movie to anyone, its better than some I watched but that doesn’t really say much either.

Grade F


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