Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Director: dawn-of-the-dead-1978

George A. Romero


George A Romero


David Emge – Stephen

Ken Foree – Peter

Scott H. Reiniger – Roger

Gaylen Ross – Francine

David Crawford – Dr. Foster

David Early – Mr. Berman


I haven’t seen this movie in at least a decade so I was really excited to pop it in and give it a go. There is something about the older zombie films that get me excited to watch them even if I can’t remember anything about it. I recently posted my review of the first film of the living dead series and I love that movie so here we go.

Now this movie is very different in style and tone. Instead of the black and white we get color and somewhat of a comical tone to the whole movie. I know there is some gory and tense moments in the film but the tone seems so different. Now I was not born until the 1980’s so I cannot say wither or not the movie captured the 70’s but it does have this playfulness to it that really did not resonate with me at all.

The story is a continuation of the zombie outbreak but at this point whole areas are being deserted because of the outbreak. If you haven’t seen this movie than you may not understand why everything always seems to be taking place in a mall, a majority of the setting does take place there with 2 people who worked at a news station and two swat team members. The cast has some likeable moments but overall I can’t say I cared about any of them.

The movie has some really bad draw backs to it and the biggest one for me was the fact that it just felt like it was going on forever. The pacing was constant through the whole thing and it seemed to me that there was really nothing going on for a good portion of the movie. We watched the ultimate final cut which was over 2 hours long and frankly that was a bad idea, it ended up being too long and the people I was watching it with lost interest which is sad for a horror film.

The effects were pretty good when it came to the blood effects, there were several where the people I was watching it with looked away and that is hard to do with this crowd. The one complained I have is that blue face for the zombies. I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided to do that but it was a really bad idea. If a black man looks like a Smurf it just looks weird.

Sadly the memories of this movie were way better than actually watching it again. It seemed to drag on for far too long and the story just didn’t engage me at all. I had no one that I felt like I could connect with and this is a major downfall of any film.

Grade F


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