Deadman Apocolyse (2016)


Charlie Steeds


Charlie Steeds


Costa Chad

Dylan Curtis

Kate Marie Davies

Barrington De La Roche

Miguel de Barros

Edward Carlton

Sabrina Dickens

Steve Speak


It has been a very long time since I have posted anything on here, life has been pulling me in so many directions sometimes I lose track of what day it is. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been watching any horror movies but This one has a bit of a back story to it. I was spending time with a good friend and she told me that there was no way I was watching this movie all the way through… if you know anything about me that is one challenge that is hard for me to turn down. Thank you Sherelle for time spend on this film I will never get back.

So, the movie itself is something that honestly you must pay attention to or you’re going to forget what the hell you are watching. Most of the film is done in a straight narrative but there are a few flashbacks meant to flesh out what’s going on. Now the story is that a guy nicknamed the Jackal who is living in this underground tunnel system with these other survivors but he avoids them at all cost. He gets drawn out by this kid and then…. It’s just standard rescue the woman storyline. There is nothing special about this except that they are living under ground in a tunnel system that is made from pallets and they can’t walk upright in. 90% of the film takes place here.

The acting is horrendous. Some of the lines that the kid uses in the beginning would never be spoken. If I was a kid and there was a rumor that some dude would skin me and wear my flesh as a coat (this was said by another kid… what 10-year-old uses flesh instead of skin?) there is no way in hell I would go in. There are lines like that all over the place where they just don’t flow off anyone’s lips. The villain Ramsey is easily the worst part of this movie and he should frankly be ashamed of his performance. I’m sorry its that bad.  Now I was told I look like the young Jackal (named Jack Deadman…. Yeah that’s his name) … so if there is a redeeming actor to it I will say it is him for that reason alone.

The blood effects are way too watered down and unrealistic. Blood can spray out depending on the wound but in this film, they shoot out spurts. It’s so watery that sometimes it barely even leaving a stain behind when running off the skin. I know this film had a very low budget but this is just sad. Go to a Halloween store or something to get something that even looks like blood.


Over all… do not watch this. This was a red box rental apparently and I would say it is not even worth that. AVOID THIS MOVIE.

Grade F

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