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Deadman Apocolyse (2016)

Director: Charlie Steeds Writer: Charlie Steeds Actors: Costa Chad Dylan Curtis Kate Marie Davies Barrington De La Roche Miguel de Barros Edward Carlton Sabrina Dickens Steve Speak   It has been a very long time since I have posted anything on here, life has been pulling me in so many directions sometimes I lose track of […]

Long Overdue

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted anything on here and I must say that I miss it a lot.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Director:  George A. Romero Writer: George A Romero Cast: David Emge – Stephen Ken Foree – Peter Scott H. Reiniger – Roger Gaylen Ross – Francine David Crawford – Dr. Foster David Early – Mr. Berman   I haven’t seen this movie in at least a decade so I was really excited to pop it […]

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Director: George A. Romero Writers:  John A. Russo George A. Romero Cast:  Duane Jones – Bed Judith O’Dea – Barbra Karl Hardman – Harry Marilyn Eastman – Helen Keith Wayne – Tom Judith Ridley – Judy Kyra Schon – Karen Cooper   If you have been reading the reviews on this sight and have not […]

Housebound (2014)

Director:   Gerard Johnstone Writer: Gerard Johnstone Cast: Morgana O’Reilly – Kylie Bucknell Rima Te Wiata – Miriam Buckness Glen-Paul Waru – Amos Ross Harper – Graeme Cameron Rhodes – Dennis Ryan Lampp – Eugene Mick Innes – Kraglund Bruce Hopkins – Officer Carson Wallace Chapman – Hollis Millen Baird – Officer Grayson David Van […]

Invasion of the Undead (2015)

Director:  Torey Haas Writer: Torey Haas Cast: Marie Barker – Allison Hillstead Greg Garrison – Desmond D. Dylan Schettina – Jake Nathan DeRussy – Undead Drake Hillstead / Ricky Josie Levy – Ashley Amberson John Reed – Big Z Mark Ashworth – Dunsmore Emma Greene – Mary   It has been forever! I’m sorry for […]

Digging up the Marrow (2015)

Director:  Adam Green Writer: Adam Green Cast: Ray Wise – William Dekker Adam Green – Himself Will Barratt – Himself Rileah Vanderbilt – Herself Josh Ethier – Himself Kane Hodder – Himself   This is one of those movies where the premise that you see on IMDB is pretty much what the entire movie is. […]

Dagon (2001)

Director:  Stuart Gordon Writers: H.P. Lovecraft Dennis Paoli Cast: Ezra Godden – Paul Marsh Franciso Rabal – Ezequiel Raquel Merano – Barbara Macarena Gomez – Uxia Cambarro Brendan Price – Howard Birgit Bofarull – Vicki Uxia Blanco – Madre Ezequiel Ferran Lahoz – Sacerdote Joan Minguell – Xavier Cambarro There has one Icon of horror […]

Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil (2002)

Director:  Tammi Sutton Writers: Tammi Sutton Douglas Snauffer Cast: Charles Austin – Nicolas ‘Nic’ Gordon Wayland Geremy Boyd – Officer Mike Donnelly Bobby Marsden – Office Chris White Logan Alexander – Lt. Harris Redding Debbie Rochon – Denise Martinez Nicole Pulliam – Cecile ‘Ce-Ce’ Washington Choice Skinner – Raymond ‘Ray-Ray’ Martin Olimpia Fernandez – Charlotte […]

Antisocial (2013)

Director:  Cody Calahan Writers: Chad Archibald Cody Calahan Cast: Michelle Mylett – Sam Cody Ray Thompson – Mark Adam Christie – Jed Ana Alic – Kaitlin Romaine Waite – Steve Ry Barrett – Chad Eithan Shalmon 0 Brian Laurel Brandes – Tara Kate Vokral – Julia Charlie Hamilton – Dan   I really put this […]