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December Horror Block

So I finally received my Horror Block for December and I was surprised with this month’s box. After dealing with the holidays I was looking forward to my little black box as the last present of the year, so I did a little jig when I saw the block sitting outside my door. Horror Block […]

November Horror Block

Hi everyone, here is my opinion for the Horror Block for November. This box definitely had a theme for the month and that was Hannibal the TV show. I unfortunately have not had the time to actually watch the show but I’ve heard nothing but great reviews on. The first thing that I pulled from […]

Trailers and Teasers: See No Evil 2, House of Manson and Alone in the Dark

Honestly, I’m pissed. That shouldn’t be a surprise to that many people who actually know me in real life but I am quickly getting irritated at the state of movie trailers/teasers/slips that are being posted online. The point of these are to create a buzz for you movie, to make people want to pay money […]

2 Trailers dropped at SDCC

So what do you think? We have See No Evil 2 and a game named You Have Been Chosen.

“Random” gets a name change and a trailer

Awhile ago I posted an article about 5 films that I was looking forward to watching by the end of 2013. Sadly I have watched very few of these movies. One of them I was talking about wanting to see was Random, a film that would be starring Ashley Greene. Well, come to find out […]

“Would You Rather”

  This looks to be nothing but torture porn (starring a porn actress) but I am interested in this one. Not because I expect this to be an instant classic but from the trailer looks to be an amusing film if nothing else. The premise is a deadly game of would you rather, the main […]