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Podcast Episode – 28 Weeks Later

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Podcast Episode – The Innkeepers

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Podcast Episode 13 – Dog Soldiers

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Podcast Episode 9-12

Sorry I have been really bad at posting these on here. There is a bunch of episode available at our Podbean page.

Podcast Episode #8 – Insidious chapter 2

This wee we are talking Insidious 2! if you haven’t listened to last weeks episode go check that one out first.    

Podcast Episode 7 – Insidious

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Podcast Episode 6 – General Movie Talk pt.2

The 6th episode can be found over here

Podcast Episode5 – General Movie Talk pt.1

Instead of talking about 1 movie we tackle a range of topics that we are most likely under qualified to discuss that that won’t stop us! We talk about what makes a good movie, Villains, Sequels, How much I disliked I,Frankenstein, Taylor’s history with the horror film and learn that even though me and Taylor […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Godzilla

I’m sorry this is a bit late. Today I celebrated my 7th year anniversary with my wife (me being Adam) and I was a little occupied but I managed to stay up late and get this done. This episode we talk about the Godzilla film that came out this year. Check it out here

Podcast Episode 3 – Compound Fracture

Episode Here All sorts of conversation this week, everything from the movie we watched to strokes. We managed to watch the first film from the newly formed Mane Studios. IMDB Trailer Facebook page We would like to thank Diablo Swing Orchestra for their song Heroines. Go check out some of their other songs if you […]