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Kristy (2014)

Director Oliver Blackburn  Writer: Anthony Jaswinski  Cast: Ashley Greene – Violet  Haley Bennett – Justine Wills  Lucas Till – Aaron  Chris Coy – Leader  Matthew St. Patrick – Wayne Jon Arthur – Swat Team Officer Hayes  Corrina Roshea – Final Victim   Awhile I wrote about how I hoped that this movie would come out […]

“Random” gets a name change and a trailer

Awhile ago I posted an article about 5 films that I was looking forward to watching by the end of 2013. Sadly I have watched very few of these movies. One of them I was talking about wanting to see was Random, a film that would be starring Ashley Greene. Well, come to find out […]

The Apparition (2012)

Director: Todd Lincoln Writer: Todd Lincoln Cast: Ashley Greene – Kelly Sebastian Stan – Ben Tom Felton – Patrick Julianna Guill – Lydia Luke Pasqualino – Greg Rick Gomez – Mike Anna  Clark – Maggie   One of the biggest assets to this site is the $5 dollar bin at the local Walmart and this […]

Top 5: Movies I’m looking forward to at the end of 2013

Really not going to bother writing an intro for this one, we only have two months left until the end of 2013 and I’m here to list off the top 5 films that I’m looking forward to seeing in that time frame. Open grave looks like it could be something cool. Not a movie that […]