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Puppet Master 2 (1991)

This review is rather hard for me to write. I love the first movie a lot, I love the design of the puppets (expect for the retro puppets and some of the later films) and I even have the theme song as one of my ringtones. The first movie is fantastic, this one starts confusing […]

House (1986)

If modern mainstream horror fans were to read this I’m sure I would get all sorts of crap for it. House is most likely not a file that everyone has watched and is certainly not a film that will not be one for everyone but I like it, a lot. There is something in this […]

Evil Remains / Trespassing

I can’t tell if I like the title of this film or absolutely hate it, not the best start to this movie but it is what it is. The premise is this guy doesn’t believe in the legends about this haunted property, that’s right it not just the house but the entire property, so he […]

Sand Sharks(2012)

The best way to say just how bad this movie was is to say that the heroine is Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan who got her TV career started by the horrid show chronicling their lives. Her role in the film is the scientist which is even worse, it’s bad enough watching her […]

Santa’s Slay (2005)

When I watch horror films I don’t expect to be wowed at the storyline or have an existentialism awaking, this time my expectations were even lower. The first thing that made my opinion drop right away was the horrible typography that is used on the cover; it looks just as bad as the picture of […]

Puppet Master (1989)

Even though this is a “B” film I really love this movie. In fact it is easily in my top 10 and that should say something considering just how many movies I have watched over the last 20 years. The premise is a bit strange, a man who once worked with a bunch of psychics […]