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Would You Rather (2012)

Let me start by what this movie is not. It is not the “Sound of Music” for the horror genre, it doesn’t do something in a way that makes this a stand out film. Nothing about this movie is necessarily ground breaking or outright amazing. What this movie is… This movie is a very solid […]

Top 5: Movies I’m looking forward to watching in 2013

I felt it was time for me to do my first “top #” lists, not because every site seems to do them now but it’s a way for me to put my thoughts in order. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I am writing them. Here is my list of the films that I […]

Prom Night (2008)

In all honesty I had never watched the original Prom Night and I only watched this one out of chance. If the original is anything like this I have no interest in ever watching it… ever. This was a complete abomination of the slasher sub-genre. The story was not flushed out at all; the characters […]

“Would You Rather”

  This looks to be nothing but torture porn (starring a porn actress) but I am interested in this one. Not because I expect this to be an instant classic but from the trailer looks to be an amusing film if nothing else. The premise is a deadly game of would you rather, the main […]