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Animal (2014)

Director:  Brett Simmons Writers: Thommy Hutson Catherine Trullo Cast: Joey Lauren Adams – Vicky Elizabeth Gillies – Mandy Paul Iacono – Sean Thorsten Kaye – Carl Amaury Nolasco – Douglas Keke Palmer – Alissa Jeremy Sumpter – Matt Parker Young – Jeff   When the trailer to this movie first dropped I was actually rather […]

Dead Sea (2014)

Director: Brandon Slagle  Writer: Brandon Slagle Cast: James Duval – Said Candace Kita – Eve Chanel Ryan – Clair Devanny Pinn – Auriel Servus Alexis Iacono – Victoria Amissus Brandon Dlagle – Kier Than Teresa Parker – Sheriff Hughes Jim Mitchell – Bartender Bill Britt Griffith – Castor Pollux Frederic Doss – Dr. Peyton Hamilton […]

Gremlins (1984)

Director Joe Dante Writer: Chris Columbus Cast: Hoyt Axton – Randall Peltzer Keye Luke – Mr. WIng Scott Brady – Sheriff Frank Corey Feldman – Pete Fountaine Zach Galligan – Billy Peltzer Phoebe Cate – Kate Beringer Polly Holliday – Ruby Deagle   How can you withhold a biased for the film that you consider […]

Storage 24 (2013)

Monster movies/Creature Features, the abused child in the horror genre. More often than not it’s just a quick cash grab or even done in the attempt to make a bad movie which is something I’ll never understand. What little I know about this film is that it actually trie to get back t the hay-day […]

Chupacabra vs The Alamo (2013)

Wow.   When I saw “The Alamo” I figured it would have been a setting in the past. It could have been when The Alamo fell and that could have been alright but instead this film in in modern day, in fact the first thing you see is a bunch of cowboy-ish moving bags of […]

Viper (2008)

Where do I start with this movie? How about the fact that the only name on the cover of the movie is Tara Reid which isn’t the best start. In my mind she will always play the party girl so when she does something slightly different it just feels wrong. That is not fair to […]