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See No Evil 2 (2014)

Directors:  Jen Soska  Sylvia Soska  Writers: Nathan Brookes  Bobby Lee Darby  Cast: Glen Jacobs – Jacob Goodnight  Danielle Harris – Amy  Katharine Isabelle – Tamara Chelan Simmons – Kayla  Kaj-Erik Eriksen – Seth  Greyston Holt – Will Lee Majdoub – Carter  Michael Eklund – Holden So far I have not reviewed See No Evil, I […]

2 Trailers dropped at SDCC

So what do you think? We have See No Evil 2 and a game named You Have Been Chosen.

Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)

Director:  Alin Bijan  Writers Alin Bijan Amy Acosta Cast: Lacy Chabert – Dani Danielle Harris – Chloe Billy Zane – Alan Matt Dallas – Ben Richard Tyson – Ron Christine Bently – Laurel Mattews Melissa Cordero – Rio Brina Palencia – Micah Jennifer Korbin – Michelle Lynn Andrews III – Amin   Last time I […]

Among Friends (2012)

Director: Danielle Harris Writer: Alyssa Lobit Cast: Jennifer Blanc – Melanie AJ Bowen- Adam Christopher Bac- Marcuskus Dana Daurey – Lily Brianne Davis – Jules Kamala Jones – Sara Alyssa Lobit -Bernadette Chris Meyer-Blane I don’t know if I am the right person to review this one for a couple of reasons. I am a […]

Black Waters of Echo’s Pond (2009)

Director: Gabriel Bologna Writers: Micheal Berenson Gabriel Bologna Cast: Robert Patrick – Pete Danielle Harris – Kathy Sean Lawlor – Charles James Duvall-Rick Nick Mennell – Josh Mircea Monroe – Veronique Arcadiy Golubovich – Anton Electra Avellan-Renee Elise Avellan- Erica Walker Howard – Trent M.D. Walton – Robert Declan Joyce – Danny Nitsa Benchetrit – […]

Hatchet 3 (2013)

IF you haven’t read my Hatchet 2 review I was pretty high on that movie and I have been very excited about the third. They continue the movies right after the last one ended so it was like this episodic show that I just couldn’t wait for the next season to start. At the end […]

Hatchet 2 (2010)

This movie starts things out with a bang, and by bang I mean lots of screaming and struggling. Where the first movie leaves off this one picks right off from the previous one. Like I said in the last film Marybeth was replaced with Danielle Harris but I think she’s pretty good in these kinds […]