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Friday The 13th (2009)

Director: Marcus Nispel Writers: Damian Shannon Mark Swift Cast: Jared Padelecki – Clay Miller Danielle Panabaker – Jenna Amanda Righetti – Whitney Miller Travis Van Winkle – Trent Aaron Yoo – Chewie Derek Mears – Jason Voorhees Jonathan Sadowski – Wade Julianna Guill – Bree Ben Feldman – Richie Arlem Escarpeta – Lawrence Ryan Hansen […]

Lost Time (2014)

Director:  Christian Sesma  Writers: Kenneth Owens  Christian Sesma  Cast: Rochelle Vallese – Valerie Dreyfuss Luke Goss – Carter Robert Davie – Dr Xavier Reed Derek Mears – Mr. Elliot Lin Shaye – Mysterious Woman Jenni Blong – Melissa Dreyfuss Vyto Ruginis – Mr. Coffey Chelsea Ricketts – Eva Sterling Maria Olsen – Nurse Mary Tonya […]

Podcast Episode 3 – Compound Fracture

Episode Here All sorts of conversation this week, everything from the movie we watched to strokes. We managed to watch the first film from the newly formed Mane Studios. IMDB Trailer Facebook page We would like to thank Diablo Swing Orchestra for their song Heroines. Go check out some of their other songs if you […]

Compound Fracture (2014)

Director: Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein Writer: Renae Geerlings Tyler Mane Cast: Tyler Mane – Michael Muse Watson – Gary Derek Mears – William Leslie Easterbrook – Annabelle Renae Geerlings – Juliette Alex Saxon – Brandon Susan Angelo – Chloe Jelly Howie – Christine Daniel Roebuck – Jim Todd Farmer – Jack   Its rare that I […]

Hatchet 3 (2013)

IF you haven’t read my Hatchet 2 review I was pretty high on that movie and I have been very excited about the third. They continue the movies right after the last one ended so it was like this episodic show that I just couldn’t wait for the next season to start. At the end […]