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Adam’s Top 5 films of 2014

Well, as I am writing this Im watching yet another horrible movie so I will have the time to write about what I think are the best movies I have watched from 2014. This means that they are just my opinion and I will mostly likely be wrong according to different people. This is my […]

November Horror Block

Hi everyone, here is my opinion for the Horror Block for November. This box definitely had a theme for the month and that was Hannibal the TV show. I unfortunately have not had the time to actually watch the show but I’ve heard nothing but great reviews on. The first thing that I pulled from […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Godzilla

I’m sorry this is a bit late. Today I celebrated my 7th year anniversary with my wife (me being Adam) and I was a little occupied but I managed to stay up late and get this done. This episode we talk about the Godzilla film that came out this year. Check it out here

Godzilla (2014)

Director: Gareth Edwards Writers: Max Borenstein Dave Callaham Cast: Aarone Taylor-Johnson – Ford Brody CJ Adams – Young Ford Ken Watanabe – Dr. Ishiro Serizawa Bryan Cranston – Joe Brody Elizabeth Olsen – Elle Brody Carson Bolde – Sam Brody Sally Hawkins – Vivienne Graham Juliette Binoche – Sandra Brody   I’m going to start […]