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Invasion of the Undead (2015)

Director:  Torey Haas Writer: Torey Haas Cast: Marie Barker – Allison Hillstead Greg Garrison – Desmond D. Dylan Schettina – Jake Nathan DeRussy – Undead Drake Hillstead / Ricky Josie Levy – Ashley Amberson John Reed – Big Z Mark Ashworth – Dunsmore Emma Greene – Mary   It has been forever! I’m sorry for […]

Dagon (2001)

Director:  Stuart Gordon Writers: H.P. Lovecraft Dennis Paoli Cast: Ezra Godden – Paul Marsh Franciso Rabal – Ezequiel Raquel Merano – Barbara Macarena Gomez – Uxia Cambarro Brendan Price – Howard Birgit Bofarull – Vicki Uxia Blanco – Madre Ezequiel Ferran Lahoz – Sacerdote Joan Minguell – Xavier Cambarro There has one Icon of horror […]

Lord of Illusions (1995)

Director:  Clive Barker Writer: Clive Barker Cast: Scott Bakula – Hayy D’Amour Kevin J. O’Connor – Philip Swann Joseph Latimore – Casper Quaid Sheila Tousey – Jennifer Desiderio Susan Traylor – Maureen Pimm Ashley Tesoro – Young Dorothea   When the name Clive Barker comes up the first thing people think of (if they are […]

Jessaballe (2014)

Director: Kevin Greutert Writer: Robert Ben Garant Cast: Sarah Snook – Jessie Joelle Carter – Kate Mark Webber – Preston David Andrews – Leon Ana de la Reguera – Rosaura Amber Stevens – Dead Girl Chris Ellis – Sheriff Pruitt Brian Hallisay – Mark Vaughn Wilson – Moses Life sometimes has a theme to it. […]

Las brujas de Zugarramurdi / Witches and Bitches (2013)

Director:  Alex de la Iglesia Writers: Jorge Guerricaechevarria Alex de la Iglesia Cast: Hugo SIlva – Jose Mario Casas – Antonio Pepon Nieto – Calvo Carolina Bang – Eva Terele Pavrz – Maritxu Jaime Ordonez – Manuel   I had never heard about this movie until just the other day when I find out they […]

Top 5: Movies I’m looking forward to at the end of 2013

Really not going to bother writing an intro for this one, we only have two months left until the end of 2013 and I’m here to list off the top 5 films that I’m looking forward to seeing in that time frame. Open grave looks like it could be something cool. Not a movie that […]

Pumpkinhead 1988

Director: Stan Winston Writer: Ed Justin Mark Patrick Carducci Cast: Lance Henriken – Ed Harley Jeff East – Chris John D’Aquino Kimberly Ross – Kim Joel Hoffman – Steve Cynthia Bain – Tracy Kerry  Remsen – Maggie Florence Schauffler Brian Bremer – Bunt George “Buck” Flower – Mr. Wallace Matthew Hurley – Billy Harley   […]

Dead Silence (2007)

Director: James Wan Writer: Leigh Whannell Jame Wan Cast: Ryan Kwaten – Jamie Ashen Amber Valletta – Ella Ashen Donnie Wahlberg – Dept. Lipton Michael Fairman – Henry Walker Joan Heney – Marion Walker Bob Gruton – Edward Ashen Laura Regan – Lisa AShen Judith Roberts – Mary Shaw   The monthly movie night has […]

Hellraiser 2: Hellbound (1988)

One thing about horror movies that scare me is the potential for a good movie to be followed up by a bad sequel. The first Hellraiser is one of my favorite films as far as tone, feel and visual athletics so I had a little hesitation the first time I watched this movie. Thankfully, I […]

House (1986)

If modern mainstream horror fans were to read this I’m sure I would get all sorts of crap for it. House is most likely not a file that everyone has watched and is certainly not a film that will not be one for everyone but I like it, a lot. There is something in this […]